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REIKI • SHAMANIC HEALING • Core wound healing • life purpose work • spiritual mentorship

Kristen Tobiason uses an inspired healing method that blends Western & Eastern energy therapy techniques with Shamanic Journeying & counsel. Kristen’s approach is both nurturing and deep. Clients receive customized full body chakra balancing, as well as aura repair, using crystals, aromatherapy, sound, and oracle as needed. Sessions are trauma-informed, targeted to release core wounds, toxic imprints, cultural barriers, and energetic cords. Kristen is highly clairsentient, gathering information recorded and stored in our bio-field system, in past lives or present, to assist bringing light into our shadows. As a trauma survivor herself, she understands what a dark, night of the soul really feels like, and how at the core of each and everyone, is a desire to be loved and accepted for our true authentic selves.



phone consultation

Need clarity about a healing program, or a 12-session spiritual mentorship? Schedule a 15-minute phone consultation first. It’s good to see if we’re a good energetic fit before embarking on a journey together. I’d love to chat with you about it!

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single sessions

You may need a single session to alleviate stress, or to help release the emotions from heartbreak. Or maybe you’re ready to go deeper to heal the wounds that prevent your ability to enjoy life. Combined with intuitive insight, the use of shamanic journeying and guides, these sessions can be both powerful and transformative.