“I am unworthy, unlovable and flawed. If I change or fix this, I will be acceptable.”

This deep-seated belief comes from a core wound, most often inflicted by an early childhood experience. Perhaps we were taught that our authentic selves were not acceptable, by our parents, peers, religion or culture. Maybe we were disciplined with violence or shame or were sexually or emotionally abused. Many of us have been shunned, invalidated or abandoned.

 Core wounds can also come from an ancestral wound, or carried through our family’s DNA. There can also be Soul Wounds, cycling through past lives.

When we address and heal these deep, rooted wounds, we not only shift our own energy, but the energy patterns for future generations. 

 Benefits can include:

• Less anxiety and fear around feelings of lack, rejection or abandonment

• Improved sleep patterns

• Improved relationships

• Improved self care and love of self

• A profound shift in perspective

• Better decision making skills. A trust in one’s own intuition

• An increased feeling of belonging

• A deeper connection to spirit

 In this program, we will go through a gentle process of creating trust, developing self awareness, and learning tools, to release and heal what comes up for you. You’ll learn how to reframe your own stories, and take back your power.

With honest commitment and a willing investment to really show up for yourself and do the work, you can transform your life from the inside out.

You receive (3) 2- hour Shamanic healing sessions, full body energy work, chakra assessment, an oracle reading and a personal prescription for self care, crystals, etc.
Free admission to our monthly Women’s Sacred Healing Circle.
Correspondence using Vox with me during the time we work together.

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