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To help each person align & connect with their true selves on their journey of healing.


To create a sacred, nurturing experience where each person feels heard and supported.


To assist each person with the transformative process of becoming whole, ultimately, bringing wholeness into our communities, and our world.


The first time I worked with energy, I not only felt like I was in my true element, but I felt for the first time, “there isn’t anything wrong with me.” Sensitive, empathic, and introspective, my life has been troubled with various addictions, abuse, trauma, and depression. My healing journey has brought me a new freedom I never imagined, and given me a focus on guiding others through the process.

I’m a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner and light worker. I’m highly intuitive, empathic, creative and am a natural spiritual coach! My practice combines these methods with the understanding of what a dark, night of the soul really feels like, and how at the core of each and everyone of us, is a desire to be loved and accepted for our true authentic selves.

You deserve that.

– Kristen Tobiason