life purpose healing & guidance


I’ve created a spiritual, shamanic and creative healing program to help lift your energy frequency, define your soul purpose and begin exploring what calls to you. We'll also look at where you get stuck and what's blocking you from being your true authentic self, and manifesting what you desire in your life.
A followup to Core Wound Healing, or fabulous on its own.

This program includes:

• Guided Shamanic Journeying

• Personal soul map exploration exercises

• Oracle & intuitive readings

• Self esteem building tools and worksheets

• Heart-felt talk, honoring your truths

• Working with Divine Guidance

• Intuition Development

• Setting intention, releasing & manifesting

• Reiki energy cleansing

With honest commitment and a willing investment to really show up for yourself and do the work, you’ll not only experience shifts within yourself, but see a transformation in the life you live and how you perceive it.

You receive (3) 2- hour Shamanic & Intuitive Guidance sessions, Shamanic healing journeys,
full body energy work, a Soul Map, Life Purpose Coaching,chakra assessment,
an oracle reading and a personal prescription for self care, crystals, etc.
Free admission to our monthly Women’s Sacred Healing Circle.
Correspondence using Vox with me during the time we work together.

Also available as a package with Core Wound Healing (8 weeks), at a special discounted rate.

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