Are you ready to dive in, and make a deep commitment to spiritual healing and growth?

I offer a 12-session Spiritual Guidance Mentorship where we do continued work on our ideas of who we are, shed the baggage holding us back, and really begin to reshape our inner & outer world experience.

We'll use many tools, including; Shamanic Journeying, Reiki clearing, Chakra Alignment, Intuitive Readings, Crystal Healing, Soul Mapping, Space Clearing, Self Care, and Growth work.

 Benefits can include:

• Improved self esteem

• Improved self care

• A profound shift in perspective

• Better decision making skills. A trust in one’s own intuition

• An increased feeling of belonging

• A deeper connection to spirit

• Discovery of your own spiritual gifts and how to expand them

• Psychic protection and space clearing

With honest commitment and a willing investment to really show up for yourself and do the work, you can ascend to a higher vibration of consciousness and living.

You received (12) 90 minute Shamanic healing sessions, full body energy work, chakra assessment, an oracle reading and a personal prescription for self care, crystals, etc.
Each session is customized with what is showing up for you!
Free admission to our monthly Women’s Sacred Healing Circle.
Email & text correspondence with me during the time we work together.

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