usui/shamanic reiki +
healing touch


What is a Usui/Shamanic Reiki & Healing Touch session like?

  • You receive a clearing with sage upon arrival, and take off your shoes.

  • We discuss your history and assess the focus of the session.

  • You receive your session fully clothed on a massage table, with or without a lavender-infused eye pillow.

  • Using a pendulum, I measure and assess the activity of your main chakra system.

  • Using Clairsentience - psychic “feeling” - I assess the layers of your auric field and probe for underlying issues, either physical or psychological.

  • I might place appropriate crystals on your chakras, and use aromatherapy to help you relax.

  • I use Reiki combined with Healing Touch techniques to balance your chakras, clear away all congestion, and open your system to accelerate healing & flow.

  • Clients often report feeling warmth, tingling, and a deep sense of relaxation, much like taking a nap. You might see colors, have memories, visions or have other non-painful sensations as the energy begins to shift.

  • I often receive intuitive “messages” while doing your session. We discuss these afterwards, as well as anything which comes up for you.

  • Sessions end with a grounding of the feet to bring you back to the present moment and into your body.

  • We might come up with an ongoing plan to address your issues, and or goals, and I might give you “growth work” to complete before your next appointment.

  • Clients are encouraged to drink lots of water and eat lightly after a session while energies are integrating.