Shamanic healing

Why would I do a shamanic healing session?

Are feeling “stuck” in reoccurring patterns which limit expansion or experiencing joy in work, family or relationships.

Are ready to create a deeper, energetic connection to the spiritual realm and to earth.

Have chronic ailments which have not been alleviated by Western medicine or therapies. (Note: shamanic healing does not cure an ailment but can help clear blockages to accelerate the healing process.)

Shamanic healing is excellent for trauma, and healing of core wounds (See Core Wound Healing.)

What typically happens in a Shamanic Healing session?

Consultation: We begin by discussing the issues which brought the client to seek healing.

Sacred Space: I clear the client with palo Santo or sage, as well as open up sacred medicine space by inviting my guides (power animals, light beings, angels, sacred guardians), as well as the clients.

Energy Clearing: Using various intuitive assessment techniques (pendulum, clairsentient, vision), I examine the entire bio-energetic field and do some preliminary clearing and balancing while the client rests on a massage table.

Shamanic Journey: While the client rests, I use rhythmic drumming to access a dream state reality and communicate directly with Spirit for guidance and healing on the client’s behalf. All healing is directed for the Clients very highest and best good in terms of body, mind & soul.

Conclusion: Sessions end with a grounding of the feet to bring you back to the present moment and into your body. We might come up with an ongoing plan to address your issues, and or goals, and I might give you “growth work” to complete before your next appointment.

Follow up: Clients are encouraged to drink lots of water and eat lightly after a session in order to integrate the energies. Shifts can happen quickly or over months, emotionally, as well as an entire shift of perception.

Cost: $150 (90min session)